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Service Seeker

By Carly Jack

How To Post a Job on Bountly

Posting a job on Bountly is simple and easy. I'm going to show you in these simple steps how you can find candidates for your "online" or "in-person" job.


By Carly Jack

How to Successfully Apply for a Job on Bountly

It takes a little time to create a dynamic change in the way people do things. In South Africa we are trying to create this change by taking simple jobs and online jobs, and making them easy and accessible to everyone that has an internet connection, laptop or mobile phone.


By Gidon Orelowitz

Are More Women Taking the Lead Role in the Households in South Africa?

When we start thinking about these two questions, we realize that the very fabric of society’s functioning is being called into question. What is it really that women and men want to get out of life?


By Fern Douglas

Bountly, the First Online Freelancer Marketplace in South Africa.

Bountly’s advanced software technology was created with the intention of bringing a significant wave of change to the unemployment market in South Africa.


By Carly Jack

Learn these simple rules to achieve ultimate success

First off, how do you define success, what does that word mean to you?


By Carly Jack

Stay hungry, stay foolish.

When it comes to pinnacle mentors of our time, Steve Jobs stands out clearest in my mind.

Gig Economy

By Carly Jack

What is the Gig Economy?

When faced with a rapidly changing world in which traditionalism is being abandoned or replaced by the unconventional, people are redefining the way they approach everything in their day to day lives.